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Bristling Brock is mortified over the furore that has erupted over the PM's language in Parliament.

Mr Johnson has every right, in fact it is his duty to berate and scold the Opposition over their obstructive and mischievous behaviour, to scorn those who would sabotage a legally mandated public choice and who have manipulated the law to suit their anti-Brexit outlook.

The PM has in no way used offensive language.   Frankly, it is high time we had a PM who had the courage to berate Parliament with strong, plain language and to flag up that the divisions in this country are down to Parliaments obfuscation and deliberate undermining of the Brexit process.  In point of fact it was Parliamentarians who showed themselves up to be the bad language users, it was another MP who raised the Jo Cox angle and the PM was merely responding to this with perfectly acceptable language.

Our MP's should get real.  There is a national crisis of their making.  If they expect to be treated with flowery language then they ought to pull their socks up and recognise what they are known to be by the electorate at large (save the wreckers of the Remain campaign).  Governance is a grown up business, what we desperately need are MP's who are themselves grown up rather than Party toadies.  The electorate put you in parliament to be serious about the governance of our nation, so take it seriously.

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