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Well, the Queen’s Speech has now been delivered.  Some argue that it’s a political campaign bit of propaganda whilst others see it as a catalogue of decisive and powerful initiatives designed to transform Britain at economic, social and industrial levels.  Whilst the Queen herself has to keep something of a dead-pan tone to her speech delivery in situations like this, behind the narrative is something we haven’t seen in British politics since Mrs Thatcher stalked Downing Street - and that is passion, verve and expectation.  And whilst Bristling Brock holds no torch for any current political group in this country, it is refreshing, even uplifting to hear the Prime Minister speak with gusto, conviction and a sense of pride in what is being proposed.  There is no evidence anywhere else in our rusty and corrupted parliamentary system that throws up any individual, from any political party, that is able to speak with the same passions, beliefs and values.  I’ll give the PM full marks on that exam paper.

Now it is equally the case that much of the speech content is unlikely to reach the statute book.  By a mixture of parliamentary arithmetic and an almost feral desire amongst the Opposition parties to vote against anything the PM puts before parliament, much of this potential legislation will be blasted by our arcane parliamentary system and its equally arcane members.  But that should not deter the rest of us from holding the vision of a glass half full rather than one half empty.  The months and even years ahead will undoubtedly be problematic in many areas - it has ever been thus long before Brexit was ever mooted - yet if we approach our future with gloom and doom in our minds then that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If we have belief in our national capacity to overcome difficulties and turn them into opportunities then we will at least be approaching the future positively and with an attitude that is constructive rather than destructive.  It is difficult, nonetheless, when surrounded by doomsayers and negative opposition politicians who endlessly bleat on about disaster.  Disaster will come to those who wish it.  Where is the pride in our national ability, where is the confidence in a future that can be made to succeed, where is the calibre of political leadership that this country’s Opposition needs, where are the genuine, sincere and passionate souls, who may hold different views to those of the government, but can recognise the moment when cheap political point scoring in a chamber of errant juveniles is not the way forward ?  They are nowhere to be seen on the Opposition benches for sure.  There lies the tragedy of our politics - the wrong people in the wrong place in the wrong moment in time.  The time to rid parliament of these so called politicians is long overdue.

President Trump is an extraordinary character.  He certainly courts controversy, and his literary capacities sound like the outbursts of an Ayatollah rather than that of the so called leader of the free world.  Those of rational mind and considered thought will likely never quite understand the train of thinking that goes on beneath that hair lacquered straw thatch but what is a constant in his utterances is his commitment to the ’America First’ ethos.  Whether that is behind his decision to withdraw from the Syrian conflict and let the bandit Erdogan have his unfettered way with the Kurds we will likely never know.  We must presume that there may be a reason why this sudden and death dealing decision has been made - for the greater good ?  Frankly, it is hard to recognise the greater good in America at this time, after all, they are pursuing ‘America First’ and to hell with the rest of the world.  On a certain level if that is the policy then there is some sort of weird logic to it, but nobody believes it really.

The Scots are rebelling - again !  If we believe Nicola Sturdylegs then Scotland is now emphatically in favour of independence and needs to disconnect itself from the perfidious machinations of the rest of the United Kingdom.  Good luck with that.  It would be interesting to see how many in England would breath a sigh of relief were they to ‘go’ and it would be interesting also to see how many saw the Union as being something that has a clear role for the future.  Change is afoot whether we like it or not, and holding on to a Union such as we have for historical and traditional reasons is great for the historically minded (including Bristling Brock) but may not be so great for the future well being of the nation states it embraces.  Maybe we should have a referendum upon that ?  BB suspects that will never happen....just a wild thought !

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