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The government are going to push for a general election on 12th December it would seem.  There are many pro’s and con’s as to the political advisability of this but Mr Johnson has effectively seized the initiative by declaring to the Commons that the lack of a Conservative majority is impeding the whole spectrum of government legislation - and, therefore, the only way to get anything through Parliament is to put it up for re-election by the public.  Bravo, Mr Johnson, it was the right thing, possibly the only thing to do under the present state of embargo that Parliament is hamstringing the government with.

An election is always a risk for a political cause - as Mrs May discovered back in 2017 - but the country is most definitely now at its crossroads - even its Rubicon - over the issue of Brexit and the way forward.  Part of this seemingly intractable debate is the essential truth that nobody knows what either Leaving or Remaining will entail.  There are no facts for either, only guesstimates, speculations and politically driven responses.  That we have a media constantly slavering for every tid-bid of gossip draws us all further into a state of confusion and frustration.  Whom should we believe ?  Journalists, economists, bankers, industrialists, politicians, etc, etc. Again, the underlying truth that is never commented upon is that none of the people representing these categories of vested interest actually KNOW what either outcome will deliver, good or bad or, just maybe a mix of the two.  But it makes for good theatre in the papers and on the tv.

Brexit has become the drag-anchor for just about every public decision, possibly a whole load of private decisions too.  Left to perpetual delay and prevarication it will destroy the very fabric of the country in ways that may be irredeemable.  It is, therefore, essential that it is concluded at the earliest possible opportunity.  Some will undoubtedly question that the WAB is imperfect, has loopholes and commitments which are not entirely to Britain’s liking - and in many respects they would be right.  Against that argument, we as a nation must weigh up the negatives of the WAB and balance these against the imperative to remove that drag-anchor and collectively move forward.  Psychologically and literally, the country as a whole - including all those bankers, industrialists and others - needs to deliver Brexit as it was legally mandated in 2016.  There will be many who don’t like it, many who do, but continuously sitting on the fence will not make the challenge go away.  Factor in a EU that is thoroughly cheesed off with the whole circus performance to-date and we see an institution that has reached a collective point of incredulity about British democracy.  In short, they have given as much as they are prepared to give and it is naive for characters like Corbyn to even imagine they could exact a better deal - he’s way out of his depth.

Britain needs to move on.  All the tenets of the Leave mandate need to be upheld - for that is what the country voted for - and the only realistic way for the government to facilitate that is to challenge those who would frustrate and block any progress with a new election.  It will not be the perfect solution - few solutions to any issue are that favourable, but it will create a climate of possibility opening up and unquestionably, Britain will adapt.  If the election fails to provide such a majority and the doomsayers win the day then we are in for years more of their endless negativity, and then we can bury democracy in Britain for generations to come.  Not everything is about money, wealth and the curse of economics; sometimes, the reasons for following a course of action are intangible, cultural and social - but every now and again, such a cause decided on these grounds pays dividends.  Brexit is one of them.

As for Trumpy and his self-declared brilliance at brokering a Turkish cease fire in Syria is astounding beyond words.  Why has the world not recognised the genius of this man before ?  He ought to be World President, surely, for his skill and political deftness are clearly unrivalled by anyone else.  Even Putin and Assad must be smiling about his clear and modest praise for himself.  God Bless America !  Where would we be without this brilliance....a much better place than we are globally in now, we might fancy.

Has anyone actually noticed that our roads and towns are continuously clogged with traffic ?  Bristling Brock is a regular M6 user and it’s a nightmare to drive on it.  Driving standards are almost nowhere to be seen in some instances and the increase in the manic, ‘let me through’ brigade is a threat to all of us who would like to live a little longer.  Towns are constantly full, even minor roads that have become rat-runs for those pushed to the extremities of towns to live where there is no employment and therefore commute dozens of miles fill our small, low capacity roads with endless queue’s and fume belching muck.  There is a sense of immense population density in the urban zones of Britain (not necessarily reflected in rural areas - yet), of hordes of people trying to move in opposing directions simultaneously.  Has town and road planning gone entirely bonkers ?


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