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The last few weeks since the exasperating declaration of a General Election next month has thrown up what Bristling Brock can only describe as a tidal flood of absolute political tosh and downright rubbish.   To exacerbate this nauseous process we have not only found this coming from the left but also the right, the middle and even those that aren't even on the political scale of absurdity.   It's been a very depressing few weeks.

The tragedy in this, of course, is that with such a universal display of 'lacking savvy' amongst all complexions of politicians we, the electorate, are faced with a looming election choice that ranges between the appalling, the utterly stupid and the wholly unacceptable.  We might argue that that is no choice whatever, rather it is the inevitable result of a decision made three and a half years ago never being legitimately acted upon and delivered, of weak governance, of disingenuous governance, of dire political commitment and equally dire understanding of what that public decision actually meant.   We blame Brexit for many things, and in truth there have been many aspects of that debate that have been worthy of criticism, but the underlying problem that lies at the root of this forthcoming election is that the electorate have no faith whatever in those of the political classes who would try to nudge our support in their direction.  We are faced with more of the same rather than a style of governance dedicated to reform and the rebuilding of that soured public trust.  Political words are cheap, but if we do not believe in our political class then they are words without meaning, they fail to resonate anywhere except in the heartlands of committed socialism, conservatism, liberalism and greenism.  That these creeds no longer represent us is very clear to the electorate but seemingly invisible or irrelevant to those who would have us listen to their stylised, predictable and - in the main - untruthful promises.

It is a despairing prospect in BB's eyes that we are so continuously badly led.   But perhaps - possibly a big perhaps - that may be because we, as a body of the British electorate, have let it happen over the last fifty or so years.   We have not striven for change, for reform of our governmental system, of parliament, and increasingly nowadays, our judicial system.   We have let this bland, dysfunctional style of governance wash over us with little reaction, tamely letting this political club carry on doing that which it had become ever used to - talking much and acting little.

On 12th December a choice has to be made.  The choices available are poor beyond words description.  So how would YOU express your real feelings about what the outcome may be - ignoring Brexit as the defining issue if possible - and make your voice heard in places that count ?   The simple answer would be a mass marking of ballot papers with the words 'None of the above !' a rejection of the political status quo and a clear message that a complete overhaul of our governance and executive and parliamentary accountability is long overdue.  It would be a rejection of the election process, a rejection of any mandate to steer our politics in any singular direction - the result of which could be a continuance of the exiting government under the explicit knowledge of an electorate prepared to call the shots. 

Will any of that happen ?  Bristling Brock doubts it.  We must remember that we have collectively become supine and manipulable as an electoral corpus - after all, it'll be Christmas soon, and beyond that all will be forgotten....again.  If we want real change - not revolution, but organised and meaningful change - then we all have to want it.  If we remain wedded to the existing tribal camps before us, then we WILL get more of the same.  The power is in the hands of the electorate.


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