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Over the last week the British public have been witness to tv debates between so-called leadership contenders, to extraordinary financial pledges and to manifesto’s bulging with impossible aspirations dressed up as promises.

Perhaps Bristling Brock is not alone in wondering quite what all this theatrical bombast is really designed to achieve.  There may well be some who just accept it all at face value, there undoubtedly are some who are so welded to their historical political allegiance that no matter what is said they’ll still vote for that traditional party.  And then there’s the rest of us - those that cringe with incredulity that any politician in this pre-election contest would actually imagine their promises carry any sense of conviction and faith.  And to BB that poses a question.  How many voters out there are now in a position where they cannot in all conscience find a suitable political home to latch onto ?  And the rider to that is the notion that many of the electorate will have to vote tactically to strive to keep out of power those that are clearly manic and naive and vote for the lesser of all perceived evils.  None of our leadership contenders are appealing.   All are so transparently flawed that it borders on shameful that a country like Great Britain can not muster a team of aspirants from across the political spectrum to clearly and honestly declare a position, warts and all, that looks even moderately credible and likely by the electorate.  Bristling Brock craves for a political breed to emerge that ranks honesty, truth and straightforwardness as its principal modus operandi - but he sees absolutely no sign of such a breed anywhere.  Political homelessness is becoming endemic.

So, the ‘homeless’ are faced with not bothering to vote, spoiling a vote or being forced to endorse that party which represents the least worst option for the country.  Quite likely, many will be pushed to vote for the party that purports to offer something on a personal level - like a tax break or some other mildly attractive concession, for sheer want of any reason to vote at all.  This must surely rank as one of the least democratic political processes of our time.  One of these contenders is going to end up in charge of the country and will achieve that exalted position by default because large swathes of that individuals vote bloc will have been tactically driven rather than by belief, faith and hope in the electorate.  That cannot be in any way described as democracy at work.

And yet surrounding this theatre of politics is the reality that political reform, though much needed, will only happen in small, incremental steps - a crumb at a time.  The infrastructures within our political establishment are rigidly geared to doing that which they’ve always done before, blind to change, blind to public mood and blind to the very notion of beneficial reforms.  The simple evidence to prove that is all around us today with politicians doing their traditional thing by touring the constituencies, grinning excessively and promising far more than any rational person can believe in.

So we politically homeless types are destined to be a species that is forced to wander - and wonder not a little.

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