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The political babble goes on...and on...and on.  Accusation, denial, counter thrust and yet more denial have become the political language of electioneering.  Not a single mouthpiece of any of the credible political parties in the upcoming election have opted to actually ‘tell it like it is !’, to be open and honest about the simple fact that nothing ahead of us in Britain is straightforward and easily obtainable.  There will be some who take a hit and others who gain, there will be costs incurred, there will be taxation, there will be pledges that cannot be fulfilled, and so on.  These are the realities of this political game being played out in front of an increasingly sceptical public and there is a significant appetite to hear the truth, the real pluses and minuses and an end to the ‘you said this and I said that’ format of campaigning which gets nowhere and frustrates the electorate inordinately.  Will someone stand up and be counted ?  Bristling Brock would certainly like to see a genuine campaigner but has so far seen absolutely no evidence of any such individual - of any political persuasion.  Is this such a difficult thing for the political classes to shift toward ?  Do they not even see the public despair over their playground antics ? Do they even recognise the public mood ?  Seemingly not.

So this leaves us with sparse choice options for Election Day.  Matters are further complicated by the occasional but persistent re-appearances of old prime ministers making interventions that favour even different parties to the ones they used to lead.  Maybe they, and they alone have recognised that the life-cycle of tribal political allegiance has come to an end and that, for the most part, the electorate have become floating voters en masse, quite prepared to switch their voting patterns to suit a new awareness of strategic and tactical voting necessity.  BB is loathe to believe that John Major and Tony Blair have any altruistic motives behind their interventions but these characters have, perhaps unwittingly, flagged up the very clear truth that voters are increasingly less partisan than ever before and have a much higher sensitivity to the political issues of the day (maybe we should thank Brexit for that).  Their preparedness to flex their voting habits to achieve a strategic win by perceptive tactical voting is ever more evident if polling data is anywhere near the mark (acknowledging that very often, it isn’t).  We could say, therefore, that choice has become much more fluid in this election, choices that encapsulate specific political drivers amongst the electorate, be they social, economic or international issues.  The political camp that can convince us that they can achieve these goals becomes the electoral choice.  That the political establishment don’t appear to have noticed this shift in electoral sensitivity is disturbing and reeks of a widespread denial  in their midst about what is truly happening at the grass roots level in Britain.  Thursday will tell, but BB suspects the outcome will be messy.



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