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The new Conservative government has entered its battle-space with a confident and vigorous statement of intent - and it's hard not to have at least a modicum of admiration for the zap that has been injected into our previously lethargic and ever circling mode of politics.

Brexit will obviously be at the top of the list to pass through parliament.  And that move alone will have a much wider effect upon our affairs and outlooks than the mere politics of it.  For three and a half years the country has been sinking ever deeper into a political muddle.  It has created divisions of opinion, heatedly felt in some cases, from households to parliamentary chambers and it has ground this country into a spiralling position of lethargy, inward looking, moroseness.  The output of that was an intractable stalemate, that unenviable position on the chessboard where neither faction - nor indeed any faction - had the vision and wherewithall to move the debate forward in a satisfactory and meaningful way.

We may blame all sorts of folk for the very existence of Brexit, we may blame those responsible for delivering it or we may thank our lucky stars that it is eventually coming about, but the reality is the latter position - Brexit is happening and the method by which it is occurring will not be perfect for any segment of the population.  We will all be winners and losers in this affair.  What is important is that it moves the chess-piece out of stalemate.   It provides an opportunity to settle that divisive debate on where this country's best interests lay and resolve the argument that held stalemate in place.   No nation of Britain's standing should have sunk to that level of inertia, it is now, more than ever after such a woebegone period of lousy political leadership, to break out and define our position clearly and definitively so that lives, business and politics can speedily pick up the pace again and get us back to where we belong - innovative, decisive, honest, fair and open to change and the future.   In this, Bristling Brock wishes Mr Johnson well.

The British Labour Party, by contrast, is still tightly wound around its former Marxist outlook, unable to see or admit its manifest faults and totally incapable of projecting confidence and rational political thought.    Corbyn is hanging on like a desperate, and in this we see a man obsessed with his position and the lingering hope that he can still bring about a political revolution in Britain.  That that is no longer a possibility eludes him - but than in itself is no surprise.  His successor is likely to arise from a pretty mixed bag of socialists - some who favour a continuance of the old battles and some who see some need to re-paint Labour's position freshly.   None, in BB's opinion, have thus far expressed any powerful or compelling viewpoints on anything other than how they might be best suited to be a new leader - they are still infighting, squabbling, name-calling and running around in ever decreasing circles.  At this point, it certainly looks as if the Labour Party, whilst still technically the Opposition in parliament, will be out of meaningful play for some time yet.

Old Trumpy is up to his neck in alligators on the face of it.  But then comes the revelation that his Republican acolytes in the Senate will not allow any charges to be pressed or his dismissal as president even mooted.   A right royal stitch-up, you might say.   It presents that eternal question of 'why bother if there is no chance of success ?'.  BB agrees that there is a moral case to present to America before next years elections but frankly, there is little evidence in present day US opinion polling that a president behaving immorally is justification for removing him.  Trumpy's personal poll ratings are good (if you believe such things) and there is still a hard-core of republican sentiment behind him from the rust-belt to the dust-belt to whatever other belt the Americans have.  Add to this that the Democrats don't seem to be well prepared for the elections we end up with a scenario where Trumpy could actually win another term.   Gulp !

BB's last thought today is a topic previously highlighted in this blog - that of British Army veterans being pursued by the criminal justice system whilst terrorists roam the streets without fear of any action against them.   The current Hyde Park bombing case is a step in the right direction for bringing terrorists to justice, but it is now high time that any thoughts of prosecuting former British soldiers in the Northern Ireland era are totally dropped.   If we want justice, then play on a level field where all are treated in the same way.  Giving amnesty to the opposing factions whilst persecuting your own is not how a well balanced democracy should work.

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