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This seems to be an ongoing theme in the multitude of commentaries being bounced around as corona related measures are tweeked, yet it may tell us a little about what we are, what we've become and upon our attitudes to societal behaviour.

There is a broad presumption that societies anywhere have evolved into a superior and more civilised state since the long-ago days of history.   That presumption derives, in part, from the general rise in wealth and well-being throughout Western societies in particular over the last century, better healthcare, better nutrition (?), better education (?) and better socio-political awareness (?).   It's an over-arching presumption that belies the gaps and chasms that most of these Western societies have inbuilt within them and which still nurture an almost universal under-class that sub-divides and fragments our communities between those that have and those that do not.  It's an eternal condition - that all societies evolve, at whatever stage of their history, into privileged, comfortable, needy and forgotten groupings.   Add to this how wealth and education leverage better life circumstances than those who either cannot or do not wish to pursue these pivotal springboards (although there are many without these advantages that have leveraged their own 'elevation') and we see how divisions within our communities still persist.  When the government then suggests the use of common sense on how to interpret relaxed lockdown measures we inevitably see these groupings expressing that broad sentiment in a multitude of different ways.  The result, of course, is somewhat chaotic behaviour by thousands - all of whom are justifying their own individual behaviours as being considered as common sense.   

The conclusion we might reach is that there is no such thing as common sense, or of any sense of considered and well judged behaviour throughout all the social groupings we might identify.  What some see as thoughtful, logical and considered, others will not see but will relate to a completely different set of values and beliefs which they think are appropriate.  Humankind is, if anything, a very varied and unpredictable species.

Bristling Brock's interpretation of all this is that our evolution as a society is that we are not so different to our our Medieval ancestors; in short, our level of evolution is slow, very slow.  That maybe not be so surprising when you think that humankind is but a mere 100,000 or so years old.   Our forebears were around a good deal longer - but they did make some remarkable societal advances during their tenure.  Perhaps Homo Sapien will improve with time. 



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