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A short blog today but I hope a pointed one.

The sensation media reports on the apology that Paul Hollywood has been obliged to give out following the 'revelations' that he wore a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party umpteen years ago.

I find it appalling that we as a nation can make a situation such as this seem absolutely right and normal and obedient to the unwritten laws of mad political correctness.  If I was Mr Hollywood, I would have told my detractors and faceless critics where to go and seek sunshine.  He had no obligation to apologise, no need to apologise and absolutely no moral imperative to make an apology appropriate.  This is the outrageous moral brigade doing its stuff, yet again and almost without exception our media channels make an instant meal out of nothing.

If there are any distinctions to be made - though, frankly, the whole episode doesn't warrant it - the critics should distinguish between what is Nazi and what was German Wehrmacht attire.  They should further distinguish that countless tv and film productions portray the use of 'offending' material without the same chest pounding affrontery that seems to galvanise the righteous police.  This is not offensive to anyone but them, it is a classic British way of tongue-in-cheek mocking that has been our way for centuries.  And long may it continue.

These people live in some Utopian cuckoo land where they think that anything that could offend anyone and cause offence of unbounded and unidentified masses is their responsibility to report and nose into.  There is no offence to veterans or victims of WW2 as the gesture was far from serious and without malice.  Many will laugh at the irony of all this absurdity.  Will we have to portray only 'pleasant' thoughts with pretty scenes and no nasty bits to pacify the upset anything else may cause the weak and gullible British public ?  Get real, people, this is not how most of us think.  You aren't representative of the rest of us by any measure and your interfering righteousness is not a welcome characteristic of modern Britain.  And if you have the inclination to do a bit of soul searching yourselves, you are more than likely to find something highly offensive lurking in your own cupboards.  Pack it in and start worrying about real problems.

As for Mr Hollywood, if,again, I were him, I would retract my apology and let the righteous brigade get all upset amongst themselves.

Rule Britannia !!!

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