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Britain seems to be teetering on the edge of some novel twist of economic-political-social forces over which the government clearly has no handle upon.  Having weathered the bulk of the corona saga without too much of a political price to pay they have now embarked upon what looks like some perverse suicide mission to destroy themselves.

Every utterance by a government minister seems to be so bland and full of obfuscation that increasingly large swathes of the population are now virtually ignoring them completely.  Add to this the crass and virtue signalling antics of other social influencers like the Archbishop of Canterbury and even F1 drivers and you get a scope of messaging hitting the headlines which do nothing more than irritate and annoy the majority of thinking people in Britain.  Therein lies the issue.  Nobody is speaking plainly, succinctly and with any measure of clarity.  Nobody in a position of authority and leadership has managed to grasp the very evident elephant in the room  - that of telling the population the exact way it is.   Listening to Matt Hancock, Gavin Williamson and Alok Sharma - who are only the tip of the iceberg - there is not a word spoken that says anything like: ‘Look folks, we’ve made a lot of mistakes with this pandemic, but we’ve truly been learning as we go along, so stand with us whilst we put our new experience to work in getting things back to’ll be tough for a while and we have a lot of gaps to fill, but it’ll take time to achieve it all...there’ll be some who gain and some who won’t, I can’t guarantee we can save everyone in this endeavour, but we’ll try our darned best !....’  Clear, plain speak, honest speak, speak from the soul is what the country craves.  It doesn’t want to hear the repeated platitudes spilled out from bland ministers every single day which serve only to alienate rather than encourage support.  Read the mood, Prime Minister - you’re bold enough to react in a positive way if you just ignore your guru’s for a while and follow your instincts.   And if Mr Cummings is the strategist behind this endless spouting of nothing, You, Mr PM should recognise that he’s long past his sell by date.  Time to change the record.

The shift by China we are currently witnessing from being a large but colourless political entity to  an outspoken, provocative and threatening one is possibly the facade slipping from the real face of that vast and almost amoebic like country that uses money and technology to spread its influence across the globe.  That influence is now very significant in world affairs, and even at the very fringes of its scope we see the pervasive grasp of the Chinese - Bristling Brock’s local golf club is now owned by the Chinese (though BB hastens to add that hitting a small white ball with a long stick seems a pointless enterprise in his view).  What this characterises, however, is an economic subversion of foreign institutions and by association it is a subversion of culture, socio-economic habits and preferences and ultimately of national governance.  It is an effective but highly dangerous scatter-gun of pellets assailing the West.  Robust responses need to be made, whether the Chinese threaten reprisals or consequences or not.  This is not a time to prevaricate and act in a mealy mouthed political way.  Aggressive actions by a predator need to be identified and dealt with without fear.  If history has taught us anything, it should be that at the very least.


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