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Reading or hearing the multiplicity of news stories abounding, it would be easy to come to believe that Britain as a homogeneous and cohesive society, one with a proud history despite its shortcomings under current scrutiny, a nation built upon time forged principles and balance, a nation of honour and some character was a description that could no longer be reasonably applied.

The Britain we see portrayed by our avaricious and sensationalist media is one of division, suspicion, envy, short-sightedness, expediency, blame and retribution and one which has little sense of direction, purpose and role.  It may well be true that the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously rocked the UK plc boat - but one sees that as a common denominator amongst most liberal, Western minded countries - but there rises above this a neo-left thrust to denigrate, undermine and challenge the very institutions we need to get our national affairs back on some semblance of a course toward a social and economic recovery.  It would be fair to state that many of these institutions need something of a shake-up themselves, but if the media, supported enthusiastically by the neo-left, destroy the very building blocks of recovery then we will destroy with that the means to re-build in a way that embraces some of the changes stimulated by the intrusion of corona virus and which could form the foundations of a more pragmatic, prepared and resilient nation state.  Beyond that, yes, look at some of these institutions critically and devise either new ones or re-shaped structural organisations, but do not throw the baby out with the bathwater when you're already up to your neck in a flood tide.

We have bowed to minority demands, we have seen our traditions and history trashed and cast aside as no longer relevant, we witness a feverish glee in the media to sensationalise, trivialise and jab pointy fingers of blame at anyone but themselves - and by proxy, all of us.   It's always somebody else's fault, it's always somebody else's responsibility, it's always somebody else's tab to pick up.   We have, by default, become a passive nation, rolling with the punches, uttering an odd grumble here and there but generally letting the creed of chaos, misinformation, narrow-mindedness and the highly vocal voices of the minority rule the day.  What happened to our national pride, our belief in Britain as the best place on earth to be born, what happened to our sense of right and wrong, of the direction of our moral compass, what happened to our belief in the common good, of the rule of law and the tolerances we had of all other beliefs and creeds ?   What happened was greed.   By allowing the insatiable appetite for instancy, for online news of everything from the latest political utterances to the meaningless and purile chit-chat of so called celebrities we have lapped it all up like cats faced with the cream.  We have societally rejected the norms of good and reasonable social behaviour and economic prudence, we have marginalised the very concepts of law and order and we have made governance more of a trashy soap opera than something to uphold and respect.   We did, after all, vote democratically to create our governance !   And this has been delivered to us, manipulated by, re-hashed and coloured by media platforms intent on exploiting that greed, intolerance, the I'm all right, Jack' mentality, pushing agenda's created by - in many cases - neo-left producers intent on getting 'their angle' across'.  And we, the passive majority, have let it happen.

All this is a failure of the reasonable and tolerant masses of what seems to be now called 'Middle England', or we should say, 'Middle Britain'.   The majority need to speak up, reject the absurd and wildly contrived debate of the neo-left and counter it with properly constructed and informed dialogues at every level.  We are not perfect as a nation and never have been, but the nation is what it is at any point in time.  History and circumstance cannot be erased despite the best efforts of the mindless left.  When it reaches this crass, revolutionary and over-agitated state that we are seeing, it is time for good men to stand and be seen, to counsel good advice and opinion and to lead.   The government should take heed.  Leave it much longer and the decisions of government will mean little more than the latest salacious gossip throughout the chattering classes.  And we currently have far more of those than we need. 

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