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I feel that representations on behalf of the nations badger population do need to be made - after all, I am Bristling Brock !

As our ill informed government extend the culling area for badgers we look at the stark possibility that the species may well be eradicated as the fanatics of knee-jerk legislation stomp around the country and give virtual licence for any crazed nutter to kill a badger or set inhumane traps for them.  The fact that there is no sound scientific evidence that links badger populations to bovine TB is clearly not something our legislators care much to listen to.  They have targets, statistics and procedures - that's all that matters.

Politics will always be swayed by vested interests and we should not be unduly surprised at that - wealth, power, influence and donation capacity are all the ingredients that make politico's tremble with excitement and develop campaigns that will put a smile on their benefactors faces. And that is what we are looking at here - an influential minority group with vested interests forcing government legislation to commit a mass extinction of a species.  Not only is this shameful, it is beneath us as a civilised society to even contemplate this.  What shall we kill off next ?  Heaven forbid we turn our sights on foxes as that might damage the sporting fun of the rural elite who put money into Tory coffers, but we could consider donkey's, shire horses and possibly even robin's just because they don't have a visible contribution to make to our sick society.  And where might this end ?  If we kill off everything that is wrongly considered useless, should we then start killing off the useless amongst the human species ? Perhaps far fetched, but you can see the trend.  Ignorant and pandering decisions made by people who are paid by the political machine that is fuelled by vested interest donations.  It's something of a self perpetuating cycle, isn't it ?

This week we have argued in parliament to allow the transfer of all EU legislation onto our statute books.  It has caused controversy and concern that this will empower the government to make arbitrary legislative changes without parliamentary debate and sanction - but it is subject to debate and amendment by virtue of democratic interventions.  So, let us read EU law a little on behalf of our badger friends.  There is no legislation there requiring the extermination of the species, no fanatics too idle to look at bovine TB more accurately, and there is no appetite - even amongst the 'We'll eat anything' French - to kill off badgers.

The cull is both pointless and unwise and is politically driven and endorsed by so called scientists loyal to their paymasters.  We should be way beyond this as a society, as a community of informed people's who care for the very essence of life, irrespective of species.  It does our government and our governance no credit to pursue this cull.  But since when did governments actually listen to the electorate ?  Only at election time, I fancy.

So my parting shot is, 'Shame on our government for doing this.  It is wrong, without justification and a blot upon your conduct.'

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