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It’s a century or more since the age of pioneering, discovery and exploration reached its zenith, having peaked to a point where at that time, perhaps, all the great adventures of the world had been tackled and made part of everyday record.  No longer were there hidden continents, jungles so dark and impenetrable, mountains to scale, rivers to find the source of.  The human species had done pretty much most of it, or so they thought.  Now, in the early 21st Century we have undiscovered new worlds to enter into.  Not hidden in some far-away place that nobody before has ever heard of but the same world redefined, re-evaluated and being prepped for mankind to adapt into.  It is our world, the same old global mass as before, but a world that will be different to that which we grew up in, modelled and configured in ways that are a reaction to pressing natural forces - those of environment and hidden predators like COVID-19.

Sometimes, in the midst of widespread change, there is often a blindness or lack of awareness that something fundamental is taking place that will alter our outlooks, values, habits, preferences and styles of living.  Not just here in little old Britain, but universally across all countries of the world, a series of natural reactions that will have increasingly profound effects upon just about everything we do, think and believe in.  In centuries past, old sage’s - and a good sprinkling of crazy folk - would pronounce these to be acts of God, punishments from the Divine upon a sinful mankind - but that was possibly more to do with a corrupted religion that sought power and influence over the masses than it was in any real belief in the Hand of God at work.  Now Bristling Brock isn’t some sort of religious nut - as far as he’s aware - but it is increasingly difficult to square the impossible circle of rationalising physical world events as being coincidental to the burgeoning interferences of mankind.  So now we actually are seeing the ‘Hand of God’ at work with environmental changes so widespread and unusual that it is impossible to believe that these aren’t events precipitated by man and counter-reacted to by the very earth we stand upon. 

The incidence of disease on a global scale, pandemics that are creating knee-jerk human reactions and shifting the very basis of how we live our lives - be that capitalism, communism, socialism or any other ‘ism - tell us that we are standing upon shifting sands - fundamental shifts that are altering our outlooks, our future behaviours and methods of doing business and interacting with each other.  All is changing and unlikely ever to quite return to that familiar system we lived by previously.  Which brings BB to the local issue of Brexit and the reported likelihood that a no deal outcome is being anticipated by Boris and his government. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this may be - and it has been a right dogs dinner of a negotiation from start to near end - we might consider whether this is a micro-geopolitical reaction to the forces of change that seem to infest us all at this time, a desire for independence, self determination, to do things in that quaint British way that heartens our souls periodically.  Are such sentiments really disconnected with how our host planet and its inhabitants behave, or are they a symptom of a base level, fundamental desire to change in concert with our abode in the galaxies ?

This all sounds fanciful stuff, doesn’t it, Bristling Brock gone bonkers and away with the fairies?   But think about it a little.  From a different angle.  From an abstract alien position viewing us all down here from somewhere up there.   We are all aware of environmental issues now, we legislate to accommodate them yet fail to control their ravages, disease is challenging our technologies and capabilities and governments across the world are on the cusp of wildly trying out ‘something’ just to see what happens in the case of both the naturally present issues that face us.  Nobody has a realistic solution to combatting either environment or disease - it is the very essence of the force to change.  Brexit is familiar to Britain and parts of Europe, but consider the unusual and radical governmental styles occurring in places like the US, Russia, North Korea, India, Iran, Brazil, China, the Middle East and many more which are taking place concurrently - a sort of blitz upon the affairs of humankind globally.  A crazy person might even think there was something orchestrating all this perhaps, but crazy or not a thought provoking series of physical, human and inexplicable events that history has seldom seen the like of before.

Bristling Brock has no answers, only questions - which he’ll take to be testimony that he hasn’t become mad, religious or whimsical - but he does like to ponder on connections every now and again.  Maybe you do too....


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