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The endless carping about what we should have done differently about this or that over the COVID response tells us something about what we, the British, have become.  In truth, it's not solely a shift brought about by COVID restrictions for it has been an evident trend for more than a few years.

We have evolved into a State of Whingeing Ninnies.  There is little else more polite that sums up the decay in our moral fibre as a nation.  It infects our declining cultural values, our weak and flabby attitudes to other nation states, our lapsed preparedness, nay, open-mindedness, to recognise and cherish the freedoms and values that once made this country the very foundation of democracy in modern history.  Such attitudes have imbued a state of contempt, complacency, even ambivalence towards our heritage, our national story and the events - both good and bad - that forged the way we developed and advanced.  Stoked by those whom we would describ as 'woke' or extreme leftists who idealise the notion of perfect socialism, we have even encouraged this appalling trend toward by our whingeing, our fear of being non-conformant to the woke agenda, and by our utter apathy.   It is a string of habits much welcomed by the minority agents provocateur who desire above all to create chaos  and the tragedy of all this is that those souls are steering the debate, the course, the strategy that underpin our governance.

We may not like this government or any other for some of the actions and policies implemented in our name.   That, unfortunately, is the price of democracy - not everything will suit everyone.  Whingeing and carping may have its place as a distinctly peripheral influence but woe betide we become the puppets of minority usurpers, manipulators and zealots who believe in the very antithesis of democratic governance, outlook and behaviour.   That is neither what our history made us, nor should it be the basis for the future as we re-assert our sovereignty in the world.


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