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With this being my third attempt at saving this posting - the other two having disappeared into the place where all electronic things lost go to - brevity might be my style today.  But we'll see.

The title of today's missive, 'Juncker approaching' - not to be too closely thought of as a large bomber type aeroplane with black crosses on it (but with definite similarities) - looks at our dear friend in the EU, Jean-Claud Juncker, who has made his annual address to the bloc espousing solidarity, confidence, and a great future for the EU.  That's absolutely fine by me.  After all, despite what the EU may think, Britain is still a part of and will remain a part of Continental Europe (Nuts to the EU though).  That's a matter of pure geography.  Where I repeatedly begin to part views with the worthy Mr Juncker (who always reminds me of someone who used to appear in Only Fool's and Horses - Trigger, I think....) is when he decides to do a bit of Britain Bashing.  We are, apparently, on the cusp of realising what a great mistake our planned departure from the EU is, that we will be blighted forever more and all women will have to wear black for the rest of their days.  In other words, Mr Juncker thinks we are doomed fools.

It's quite possible that quite a few Brits are fools, but we won't dwell upon that, rather we should reflect on what Mr Juncker is missing in his vitriole.  Brexit is a deliberate move to leave the EU, but not Europe.  We have always tried to enjoy harmonious relations with European states (since about 1945 anyway) but in the recognition that each nation is a sovereign country with its own cultures, values and methods and, more or less, this has been the case these last seventy or so years.  The EU, by contrast, started as a trading bloc - the Common Market - but as it expanded its field of interest it became a political union administered by legions of bureaucrats who have never been elected by anyone to legislate on their behalf.  And this is the distinction that EU bureaucrats like Mr Juncker cannot seem to grasp.  The British have a pathological distrust of bureaucrats.  After all, we've a couple of thousand years of history that amply demonstrates that whenever we've come across a bureaucrat whose boots became too big, a modest amount of torture followed by a decent beheading or burning has been our solution.  And for quite a while that solution worked pretty well, but, alas, progress has softened us into responding in different ways in more recent times.  Much as we might wish to incarcerate Mr Juncker in the Tower of London (to help him reflect upon his sins) it's no longer quite the done thing so we must content ourselves with that new and wonderfully contrived riposte to his criticisms - ignoring him.  And that is what I shall advocate.  Nuts to the EU !

On the basis that this third attempt at this blog might disappear into the ether - I wonder if Mr Juncker has anything to do with that ? - I shall end it here and press the button.....

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