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It seems that the very construct of the British state is under attack these days, launched from within but much endorsed by a number of outsiders, some representatives of nation states or pundits from those states.

Historically, the British state and the United Kingdom it represents is a unique construct in itself - you haven't seen its like nor are you likely to see anything similar in the future in any other place on this planet.  It is often said that Britain's democracy is 1,000 years old, but in reality it goes back even further to the days when Alfred dreamt the dream of a unified England that would eventually encompass the whole of the British Isles.  Much in that history we would revile from if we applied our squeamish 21st century mores and standards to it - as many are prone to doing these days - but history happens in real time under circumstances driven by beliefs and values held dear at those times, events occur, actions are taken and as a result new chapters of history are written.  It is unchangeable and cannot be truly eradicated - despite the misguided efforts of those who think that erasing the past and apologising for everything is the fashionable trend.

Our monarchic system dates from the 9th century, our parliamentary system dates officially from the 13th century although it functioned under a different name throughout the turbulent Dark Age era, our peerless legal system was born in those same, strident times past.  We have no written constitution, even Magna Carta could not be described as that, so we have an evolving and amorphously defined unwritten constitution that adapts and flexes to the needs of the nation state, making it interpretable and, therefore, a grand arena for lawyers and advocates to joust around in.  It is unique.  It is as democratic as democratic gets in this challenged world. Nobody else comes within a whisker of matching the whole sum of this for durability, practicality, fairness and authority. It is also the very substance of the British Nation State.  Destroy these historically relevant institutions and you destroy the state.  William of Normandy understood this, Philip of Spain understood this, Napoleon Bonaparte understood this and so did Adolf Hitler.  Yet history and Britain's core institutions prevailed - none of these invaders or would be invaders had a mind to destroy the state rather than control it - for they recognised the unique value and character of this Nation State.  The institutions were and remain the State irrespective of such individuals who periodically inhabit the Offices of State - and we have had and continue to have a mixture of good and bad occupants.  That's in the nature of humanity.  But the institutions are sacrosanct, to be respected and upheld - and every Briton should recognise that.

Whether we are attacked by woke thinking hordes, nationalist factions from the wider Union, terrorist groups, political blocs, pandemics or embittered individuals with a privileged voice, we must never allow the foundation stones of our democracy and statehood to be undermined.  There will always be storms and challenges to those foundations - but realise this, the alternatives are in truth false aspirations to those who would choose to wreck.  You need only look around the world today to judge this - rather easily - as to which society type you prefer.  Bristling Brock is a proud Briton and already knows where the grass is greener.  So to those who wish to destroy us, let us just say, 'Try it, but remember that whatever this nation has faced in past and present, it has survived and prospered - it's foundations are far stronger than you !'    

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