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This will be a comparatively short little addition to the previous blog...

Is it not extraordinary when the bile of ignorant American opinion (and there's always been plenty of that) is ratcheted up by a TV chat-show host and her well rehearsed interview style of certain personages ?  Is this where they get their news from ?  Is this where the public position on any issue is debated - on a choreographed television interview ?  Is this the country that has chosen to lead the Western world with its dubious standards ?  Is this the country we in Britain need to take lessons from over race or any other matter in world affairs ?  On that last question, definitely not. 

Any true Brit will find it galling (that's the politest this commentary will concede) that America will actually listen to a TV show that has been prepped and rehearsed so many times that its viewers will actually believe it as gospel.  It beggars belief that as a collective, Americans can be so influenced by what can only be described as little more than a propaganda PR opportunity. 

They berate the special relationship.  Well, it shouldn't bother us that much as that so called relationship has always been "What America wants, America gets".  Sounds a familiar phrase, doesn't it ? 

We must rue the day when a TV presenter dictates the attitudes of a country the size and variety of the US.   As for accusations of racial bias in little old Britain, we need no lessons on that from such a messed up US as it is these days - correction, always has been.

It's an opportunity for Britain to tell them to mind their own business - they have plenty that needs their undivided attention - and Bristling Brock certainly hopes we have the political and social balls to tell them so.  Britain is better than this, always has been, always will be.  Sorry Boris, if this flies against your hoped for trade deal, but Americans will never agree a deal that is equable.  Hope you realise that.

The diatribe endeth - but BB probably hasn't said the last on this appalling American attitude yet. 

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