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Umpteen centuries ago, we were almost permanently at odds with the French, a theme that has continued in an on-off fashion right up to the present day.  A century and a half ago, we were at odds with the Russians and the Germans in roughly equal measure, again, you might imagine, something that has endured in a rather soft and indeterminate way also to the present.  In the middle of all that, we were at odds with the embryonic Americans - and an enduring love-hate relationship has lived on since that time.  At those times, patriotism was an accepted and important emotion, that sense of belonging to a nation state that purposefully opposed those who would wreck it.  It was a base feeling, and hopefully remains in the majority, an innate driver of loyalty, duty, pride and being on the right side of whatever dispute was challenging the integrity and probity of our nation state.  No doubt those opposing that from the belligerent side had similar emotions about their own country.   Some histories have been brutal and often mistaken in purpose, but they happened at times when knowledge, values, beliefs and perspectives were different - not seen through the prissy viewing lens of 21st century liberalism. 

So here we are now hosting this new enemy that lives within our very own societal walls, the wokists, the neo-liberals, the lefties, the politically correct apologists and the misguided - call them what you will, for they are the vocal noise ringing in all our ears on just about every subject under the sun.  They see themselves in a disciple like role, committed to spreading their word amongst our population, lambasting doubters, scorning those who might think otherwise and vitriolically preaching division and discord.  The tragedy is that they are getting away with it.  Institutions cow in fear of being 'outed' or black-balled by this noisy rabble of ideological purists and feel obligated to include them in their own corporate and even governmental decision making bodies.  We have become fearful of saying the wrong thing, of expressing an opinion that may not be conformant, of being seen to oppose this frantic micro-mob of zealots who claim their righteous right to condemn, castigate and tear down everything that their narrow outlook doesn't recognise.  We have been invaded - for the first time in a thousand years - by those who would destroy us from within.  It will destroy societies, cultures, our history, our true values and beliefs and our self-respect if we do not challenge this mindset vigorously.  Power to the elbows of those who are trying to re-balance our societal outlooks - for those are what the rest of the world sees and for which we, historically have been renowned.  We need and want them back.

It seems that the EU is in a muddle.  To a Brexiteer that comes as no surprise and, one suspects, that it is a revelation to a growing number of Remainers as well.   The political experiment they dragged most of Europe into is crumbling, mainly due to the duplicitous and unethical behaviour of its leadership.   Europe has been a melting pot of all manner of political and militaristic adventures over the years.   None have endured because of the innate individuality of the Continent's nation states - you could describe Europe as the crucible from which all else in the Western world was forged, but in itself it has remained the same tribally differentiated mosaic it always was.  The EU as a federalist experiment was always doomed to fail.  Unfortunately, its continuing failure will create collateral damage.

As for the US - what on earth are they up to ?  They've aggravated both the Russians and the Chinese (which in itself is no bad thing as a guiding principle) in ways that have set any form of international cooperation back years and at the same time heightened the threat of confrontation.  Being robust in your opposition to something is one thing.  Doing it cleverly is another.  Unfortunately, the US doesn't seem to have grasped the latter technique.

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