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Control of the pandemic would look to be going in the right direction in Britain.  If statistics mean anything, they indicate a lessening impact by the Corona virus.

Yet folk bleat and complain about not getting their freedoms back quickly enough.  Whilst queuing outside a pharmacy recently, an overly large, much face painted advocate of being given her freedoms back moaned about how ridiculous it was to have to queue.   The pandemics gone 'Aint' it ?'   No, sad creature, it hasn't - it's just more under control for the time being.  Perhaps such exponents would still like to make their argument when they're six feet under.  

Whatever mistakes in getting this pandemic under control may have been made - and there's no denying there have been a few - the government have diligently stuck to their guns and enforced the various messages of civil behaviour that were deemed necessary.  And, on the whole, it has worked.   Let's face it, nobody in living memory has had to deal with a pandemic before, so a few bumpy decisions here and there may just be forgivable.   In short, Boris and his team have done pretty well.   To counter this diligence, we have the massed population of these British Isles, whose behaviours at the fringes have been poor to non-existent in terms of responsibility and consciousness of what's actually happening around them.   How many times have you queued somewhere to find a breathing, blabbing individual two feet behind you and impatiently trying to edge you on ???  Fortunately, the vast majority behave well and that diligence would appear to be paying off.  As for the blabbering souls who don't understand much at all... where can we send them ?

Having expressed support for government strategies, BB was nevertheless dismayed to find that a home testing kit he recently acquired, emblazoned with the NHS logo, etc also proudly displayed a 'Made in China' strap-line.  BB's heart sank.   Why, with all our medico-technical savvy, are we buying testing kits from a dubious country like China ?  Can anyone believe anything they say or do - or manufacture in this instance ?  One suspects not, but lo' we have Chinese test kits !!!  Room for improvement on that one, Boris.

Has anyone noticed how wet, Joe Biden sounds ?   BB has been around a few years and listened to a wide range of US presidents, but cannot recall a time when such a president sounds as though he's half asleep, really bored and wishing he wasn't standing in front of a public microphone.   If inspiration is the stuff of presidency, Biden isn't cutting it by a long shot.  This allies itself to recent and authoritative commentaries about the embattlement/survival of Western democracies and the encroachment of subversive actions by the likes of China and Russia.   It's a complex international debate, but BB grimaced when reading that the Foreign Secretary had recently summoned the Russian ambassador to 'tell him off' about Russian sabre rattling in the Ukraine region.  Yeah, they're really going to worry about that, aren't they ?  As this subversion no doubt continues we really need to decide exactly how we should appropriately respond to such overt provocations - a verbal 'please don't do this anymore' is hardly going to be meaningful with rogues like Deng Xiao Ping and Putin.  Unfortunately, our EU 'friends' have taken the line that doing supply deals with these rogues and sanctioning them at the same time is a really productive way of ameliorating their subversions.  An even bigger, 'Oh Yeah !'  Thank goodness, we left the EU !



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