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Even allowing for journalistic tendencies to focus upon gloom and doom, there appears, nevertheless, to be an abundance of stuff going on around the world that make Bristling Brocks bristles bristle.

Let's start controversially.  Israel versus The Palestinians.   It's an appalling abuse of power one might say, but by whom ?  Is it by Israel with its enormous US backing flaunting its power to impose settlers in a previously Palestinian occupied zone of Jerusalem, or is it the Palestinians - aka Hamas with undiluted Iranian backing - having a bolshy show of defiance ?   It's probably a bit of both plus a whole host of other factors, but the upshot is the slaughter of innocents in the hope that that will get a few of the baddies at the same time.   That is reprehensible on the part of the Israeli's - a provocative and wholly disproportionate response that will earn them no international respect.  Not that the Israeli's have ever cared too much about international opinion whilst Uncle Sam covers their payroll.

Moving on, let's have a pop at the Sussexes.  What utter tripe they now speak in some form of bizarre Americanese gobbledygook.  Lost the plot ?  Unquestionably, and with an excess of bad taste too.  Cut them loose from their royal titles ?  Unquestionably; despoiling over a millennium of heritage is not on.  Go your own way kids, but don't try and milk that heritage on the way.

What about Biden's miracle economic recovery and the pledge to spend squillions on infrastructure renewal ?  Great idea, pity nobody can do the maths - or should we say math for American consumption (???) - as economic recovery is an intractable alliance between tax revenue and inflationary control - neither of which are in good shape in LaLaLand.   First Trump and now Biden - don't they have anyone who knows how to run good governance ?

Just to balance BB's clear biases, why have we got British troops wandering the deserts of Mali as peace-keepers ?  If it's to give them desert operational experience, BB can see some merit in that, but if we're there to 'create peace' we are on a hiding to nothing (not least because the French forces there don't co-operate).  We're talking of Islamic terrorists versus the forces of good (that's us bye the way), the irregular versus the regular - a military mission scenario that has never succeeded throughout history - think of Vietnam as a classic example.  That's not defeatism, it's the difference between choosing your battles to assure success - and this isn't one of them.

Talking of the French, BB's favourite nation state, they seem to be scurrying down a far right rabbit hole with gay abandon (no pun intended) which will end up with either revolution or fascism if left unchecked - both have history in France, do they not ?  And to cap it all, the suave M'sieur Barnier now gracefully vaults over the fence to say that Frexit has become a necessary possibility to consider for La Belle France to prosper.  Wow, we'll be seeing flying pink pigs before long...

As for Radovan Karadzic being transferred from the Netherlands to a British prison for the rest of his natural, BB wonders whether he could be taken on a Thames boat ride one dark night and surreptitiously get sucked in through Traitors Gate to spend that 'natural' in a damp and dark place - where he might possibly catch a chill or two.   The world can well do without his kind languishing comfortably as some sort of celebrity guest.

Enough of the bad stuff, to end on a smiley note, let's look forward to moving towards social normality next week - despite the viral mutation that seems to be threatening it - so that we can continue to prosper as an independent nation state.  As the embryonic Americans used to say, 'The British are coming !'  Let that be so.  


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