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The EU continue to play their sordid and juvenile games when it comes to the relationship with Britain.  In the 21st Century, one would like to imagine that there were grown up, sensible and pragmatic people in charge of institutions that lord it over millions of folk.  The EU is, regrettably, not led by any of these traits.  Vengeance, punishment, obstructiveness and several other descriptions come to mind when characterising that behemoth of an institution that in truth very few people throughout Europe have much feeling for.  It is there - legally one must suppose - and almost entirely unaccountable for its decisions and policies.  If Oliver Cromwell were still around, he might well think this was the best thing since chopping off a monarch's head.  Fortunately, he's long perished, but it creates the thought that our democracy - throughout Europe - is a very fragile veneer which can be quite easily displaced by a despotic source of power and influence - the EU in this instance.

It would be true to say that Europe, with its disparate cultures and civilisations, has long been a disturbed and much fought over battleground - probably since time began - so there was some inevitability after WW2 that there would be an attempt to unite these differences under the umbrella of some regulatory and legalised body.  The original Common Market probably achieved that sense of inter-dependability in bringing about open borders and common trade.  Only when politics became the driver of the institutions raison d'être and the onerous title of European Union cropped up did we begin to see that this was a protectionist club run by constantly cycling cabals of vested interest.  It is no different to this present day.  In terms of uniting Europe, one could argue that they have actually created the opposite, with dragooned member states vying against each other - politically and commercially - for the time being.

With the Northern Ireland debacle, Boris should most certainly act in one of two ways.  He should either trigger the Article 16 clause of the Northern Ireland Protocol to ensure a legitimate part of the UK can be treated in the same way as other parts of the country or he should declare that the UK will no longer abide by the EU's intransigent authority in imposing punitive measures that damage a sovereign state in its entirety.   Both, politically, might interfere with any trade arrangements in the future, but do we wish to have narrow minded political upstarts in Brussels dictate our affairs ?  I think not.  If we acquiesce to this pressure then we are signalling that we accept the higher authority of the EU - and that should be anathema to all thinking Britons.

The EU is a spent force clinging to threats and devious practises to achieve its goals.  The trouble is, they don't see the damage this behaviour does to their own credibility.   There are rumblings around Europe they should address - but, as we can clearly see, they have no idea how to do this nor the inclination. 

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