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The rarest commodity these days seems to be getting even rarer.  The application of common sense in matters of social, economic and political discourse is truly something to behold - when it happens.  Yet we must remain optimistic and BB was encouraged by the Archbishop of York's recent declarations - overriding any sense of woke'ism, political correctness, fear of retribution and general condemnation - to assert the national identity of England.   In doing so, he clearly and authoritatively ignored the manic hysteria of those that would deny the English have a right to exist or in fact do exist.  Swept aside were the crass and misinformed bleatings of those minority elements with the gobbiest mouths who would tell us that we are the source of all things undesirable in their modern world.   Thank goodness we have a figure within the establishment who has the common sense to trash the elitist trend to do this country down (one might additionally ask what on earth the other archbishop in our country is up to hiding in his retreat and looking for some divine intervention).  Whether the blinkered realise it or not (and one suspects that most of them have absolutely no appreciation of the dynamics of history), England was one of the formative nations of modern civilisation - which had it not followed its historical course would likely have left these wretched souls either non-existent or in a Gulag by now.  Then they'd have something to bleat about.

Tom Stoppard has recently entered this debate from a different but similarly minded angle in his quite forthright judgement of how timorous the majority of this country have become (including the government) about their own opinions, thoughts and outlooks on just about everything - for fear of 'offending' some minority.  Free speech, freedom of thought and the ability to debate openly on all sorts of 'offensive' matter is the essence of democratic freedom - which may not be perfect but is streets ahead of the restricted and tunnel vision of so many social groups who believe that their way is the only way.  And God help those who transgress this elitism - the spectre of being cancelled or outed is as Draconian and distasteful as any event history has thrown up, and is a trend that needs stamping out.   Between archbishops and playwrights, BB is with them.

Concurrent with the archbishop's welcome declarations, our political leadership (not a word that really sums up current displays) appears rudderless.  Back and forth they squirm on Covid, economic recovery and illegal immigration matters whether they are Tory or Socialist and in doing so diminish their authority to govern.  Whilst BB generally thinks the government handled the pandemic as best they could under the circumstances, the task of pulling the nation back onto the rails to get livelihoods, enterprise, innovation and social balance back in swing is being woefully handled on both sides of the political debate.  Like it or not, Covid is with us for a long time to come; the sooner that is acknowledged and the country starts working again, the better - it may not be the solution to all our problems, but it is the foundation of being able to tackle them going forward.  We need political leadership that will grapple this reluctance by the horns.



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