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This now appears to be quite a global issue with uncertain and unpredictable responses from those who are able to and choose to vote for their governments. Not so long ago, there was at least a modicum of differentiation between the political parties and their aspiring leaders. Not so now. Look at the US - the relief of Trump being ejected has been replaced by the dismay that Biden encourages as he leans ever more leftward.

In France, we see the suave Monsieur Barnier now casting aside his EU bona fides and campaigning for the exact same things for France that he wished to deny the Brits when he was in the EU; Macron, the one-time pin-up of French progressive opinion makers has dug a hole so deep for himself that his political days ahead look inevitably numbered. Merkel and her successor in Germany could easily be described as 'not being present' when they should be.

We should perhaps also mention the Taliban in Afghanistan - as yet a very uncertain political presence - but fraught with potential danger and back home in Britland we have a government up to its eyeballs in controversy and angst. In all these cases and many more besides, the faith in governmental leadership is at a global low.

BB cannot remember a time when such a fractious and possibly dangerous view of governance - and by association, adherence to the common law - was being bandied about so freely. Resistance is fomenting everywhere, it is toxic and it is a sage reminder as to just how fragile and fickle the very processes of governance actually are. We should be wary - the next phase beyond this borders upon civil disobedience...and by then we really do have big trouble.

The British situation is curious. Tax hikes to address the recovery of the NHS healthcare system in the post pandemic time might ordinarily be seen as a necessary evil. But then look at the patient on the table - the NHS itself - an institution so large and unwieldy it should be described as clinically obese, an institution that has no control over what it spends and upon what - invariably non-clinical additional layers of fat and bureaucracy.

Seeing this patient in this condition should naturally cause every Brit to suck his teeth noisily - more money demanded ? Well, OK, it's a worthy patient to give resource to - or is it ? Until recently, most of us would have thought so, but now, with massing evidence of profligacy and wastefulness the wee taxpayer is beginning to quail. Add to this that any new tax revenue just goes into the 'existing' NHS pot and rapidly disappears - and then shows no added benefit to the customers who are paying for it - and the wee taxpayer has good cause to feel a bit put-upon.

The calamity in this is the lack of governmental leadership, leadership that exhibits poor judgement, little understanding of what it is asking the taxpayer to fund and wholly misguided strategies to raise tax revenue. It is nothing more than poor governance in spades. It is also a condemnation of government toward their understanding of the social layering of British society - with wealth and position being revered and over-rewarded but often populated by the least deserving and least talented.

Poor leadership in any institution is a killer condition. In a national government it is disgraceful. We deserve better.

One thought on “Faith in our leadership at a global low”

  1. Friday, 17 September 2021 13:43

    Like Hilary Mantel I am ashamed to live in a country run by this government... :-{