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It's a while since Bristling Brock has taken to the keyboard but events in Westminster force some level of outrage and despair to be aired.

What a shambles !  When Boris arrived on the scene, won an election and pushed a form of Brexit through, I was encouraged to imagine that his new style and manner might break the country free of its political stupor and lethargy.  Heaven knows, after May and Cameron and their negative approach to Brexit, something radical had to happen with British politics.  How wrong one can be.   Accepting that the pandemic imposed a huge burden upon governance of any persuasion, the Conservatives have nevertheless wandered aimlessly on both domestic and foreign agenda's.   Broken promises, poor decisions, outright lies and finger pointing to deflect criticism have become the norm.  Add to this a monumental increase in buffoonery by the PM and we don't need to imagine too hard as to what our domestic and international reputation has begun to look like to the rest of the world.  Laughing stock doesn't even begin to describe it.

Bristling Brock isn't that concerned with boozy get-togethers at No.10 - I doubt there cannot be anyone in the country, hand-on-heart, that can say they haven't bent the pandemic rules a little - but what it has shone a searchlight upon is a culture of inept behaviour, weak man-management, poor judgement, almost complete communication misreading and, above all, a Cabinet Office team that despite strings of no doubt impressive paper qualifications, has exhibited just how lacking in experience, capability and cohesion they are.   Shambolic is another word that barely sums the situation up adequately.   Surrounding this bunch are the elected cabinet members themselves.  What an equally unimpressive cadre they have turned out to be - so much so that there isn't much to look at in terms of a change of leadership/

Politics has long been described as a dirty business but with a few notable exceptions over the years, the dirt has remained in Westminster.  Now we have No.10's dirty washing hanging out for the world to see with the real tragedy being that the government and its out-dated civil service establishment totally blind to the fact and impotent to gain control.

The government's culture is replicated in the country at large, eventually.  People will start to behave in a like manner....'if they can do it, so can we !' - and our British culture needs no further diminishing beyond the dubious level it already sits at.

We need serious people with grown-up thinking and collaboration to exercise governance.  Events of late have shown us to be vulnerable to the dry-rot of very poor governance and this must change.  Whether Boris has the character and wisdom to pull things around is now an open question, but he's made a pretty steep mountain to climb to redeem any sort of credibility.   Quit the buffoonery and select serious people who know a thing or two to get behind you.  If you're lucky, Boris, you might just have enough time to achieve this before a sharp political axe swings your way - so get on with it and behave like a Prime Minister !

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