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The British government is making no obvious effort to recover its dignity - perhaps they all realise that it's blown too far away with the hot-air style they have all seemingly adopted to even try.  What a disappointment they have collectively turned out to be !

Not to exclusively single out the British government in this assessment, the Americans, the Germans, the EU at large and, dare we say with a slight snigger, the French are all leaping around like bewildered deer in the headlights.  One might even suspect that the devious Chinese have sprayed the West with a chaos concoction from Wuhan so universal is the seeming lack of...anything... from any of them.

On the face of it, if you look at the leaders of the Western cabal there is a distinct lack of character.  You might say in response that Boris is a right old character - which indeed he is in the buffoonery context - but real character derives from commitment, resolve, determination and sheer grit when things about you are all ahoo.  Regrettably, Boris doesn't have this particular brand of character.   Equally, Biden, Scholz, the EU in general and Macron display no dynamism, no sense of direction and collaborative purpose in response to the current crises in the Ukraine, in energy supplies, pandemic policies, policing and the broader rule of law (questionably no longer a meaningful aspiration for a Western society).  Add to this the blatant mischief being conjured up by the Russians and the Chinese and we have a recipe for starting a chapter in the history books on (rapid ?) decline in Western values, beliefs and societal behaviour.

The Ukraine crisis in particular very much mirrors the crisis days before WW2 broke out with politicians from assorted places trying to negotiate away any commitment whatever to defending Czechoslovakia from German annexation.  What followed is well recorded history and could well repeat itself if our politicians do not collectively get their heads together to devise a common position - the West will either ignore what Russia does with the Ukraine (and it will surely do something if for no other reason than to save face) or the West will put together such a collection of Draconian sanctions that Russia will be economically prejudiced.   The tragedy is, that like the poor Czechs in 1938, nobody is talking seriously with the Ukrainians.  They are the classic pig-in-the-middle, no more than a pawn on the West's absurdly chaotic chessboard.   And the Russians know it.

As for events challenging the British government the news out of Westminster is still continuously nebulous and vague.  It is difficult to see how this might turn out successfully (dubious as to whether 'successfully is the correct way of putting it) for the Conservatives but it must surely be damaging the wider expectations of probity and honesty in high office at all levels of British society.  Perhaps their only salvation is in the national belief that the Labour opposition is so equally poor as to represent no meaningful improvement.   A real Scylla and Charybdis choice....we definitely need Mr Rees-Mogg around to pepper the dialogue with a touch of obfuscating Ancient Greek ! 



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