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Today's title reflects several storylines.  The obvious one is the imminent Russian invasion of the Ukraine; but there are crisis situations continuing on Westminster, Royal circles, national institutions such as the NHS and the BBC and also in the EU where pettyism (if that's a real word) continues to be the principal gameplay of Brussels.

Let's first have a think about the Ukraine.  On the one hand we have a Russian despot who is paranoid about security and as po faced and inflexible a player as you're likely to get; on the other hand we have a collection of so called world influencers who are dancing around the totem pole making grand yells and protests but who will never actually lift a finger to physically engage a Russian incursion into the Ukraine.  Economic sanctions is their preferred option and weapon of choice - which may be broadly effective against weaker adversaries but in the case of Russia not even likely to scratch the paintwork.  Why ?  Because Putin and his cohorts are so unashamedly consumed by the notion that the West is 'out to get them' that absolutely nothing is going to prevent him tightening their grip on anyone who occupies Russia's southern underbelly.   Sanctions will be a small price to bear as long as they believe they've secured the sovereign realm of Russia.  

Why Putin believes he is threatened is anybody's guess - for NATO, the instrument that he identifies as the creeping insurgent is not a very effective military predator at all, and, like its civil counterpart at the UN, they collectively represent a mewing mouthpiece for Western gestures of action but with no teeth whatever.  Mr Putin should recognise this impotence in the West and play his cards far more judiciously than he is.  War is not the answer.  For the West, however, that impotence, though seldom admitted, is a fundamental weakness of the collaborative instincts of Putin's imagined adversaries.   The evidence is logical, but wars are rarely dictated by logic.

The endless whistleblowing culture of Westminster continues bringing 'scandal' mania to become a spectator sport like no other.  Similar antics beset the monarchy with revelation after revelation adding to the salacious appetites of tabloid Britain.  Culture wars continue unchecked at universities, and within the established Church and the broadcasting institutions headed by the BBC as though their perceived notions of cancelling both individuals and history resonate with the quiet majority.  That silent majority will wake up soon.  The broader implications of ethnicity, race, gender and those who hover between genders have overtaken the really important political and sociological issues this country needs to contend with whilst law and order - the fundamental bedrock of the Rule of Law - is flouted and disregarded with impunity.   But let's not be too fatalistic.   Many of these aberrations are transient.  The mob who fuel them will find new 'horrors' to excite their wrath in the fulness of time.   In the meantime we need professionally behaved, well informed and well advised players in our government cabal to start earning their crust.   Playing political games in Westminster and Downing Street hurts everyone but the privileged in social, economic and national contexts - so the civil service needs a substantial kick up its 'a..e' and Cabinet really needs to get proper, independently minded ministers to stop playing around with 'yes men' games.  Get to it Boris !  See the danger and sort it - or else somebody else will...

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