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Change is endemic and it just happens by natural forces throughout our societies.  Some of it is welcome, some not and some 'just appears' as if by magic - the internet, for example.  That's one that never ceases to amaze me.

The current scramble in the Labour Party - sensing Tory blood on the air - to prepare for a quick election before the scheduled 2022 affair are making amendments to their party structure, their NEC and so forth, to ensure that Corbyn remains at the helm whilst pacifying his many opponents.  They see a possible collapse of the Conservative government looming and are licking their lips in anticipation of making a landslide switch in electoral behaviour to their own favour.  Well, it is possible.  Recent political behaviour by the electorate has taught us one thing if nothing else, that they are fickle, prepared to switch loyalties and occasionally support populism.  No wonder the strategists in the Labour camp are gearing up.  They believe their time is approaching.  But why, you might question ?

Much of Labour's excitement seems to stem from the likelihood of the Conservatives failing to negotiate an acceptable deal on Brexit and that by popular demand they'll be forced to 'go to the country' again to seek a new mandate.  Here Labour believes it has the edge, and there are many indicators that would underscore that sense of confident excitement in their ranks.  The political pendulum has certainly started to swing in their direction almost irrespective of whether anyone actually thinks they are a better governmental bet or not.  Key segments of the electorate has shown anger and distrust over the government's ineptitude over Brexit and Labour have seen that distrust as sufficient ammunition to start preparing for a new election campaign.  It's that fickle electorate at it again !   It's also a bit like watching a boxing match with the original favourite (the Tories) suddenly taking a series of unexpected blows that leaves him on the ropes and his opponent (Labour) gleefully dancing around and looking for new places to land the killer blow.  The upsetting thing about this analogy is that it is mirroring our political reality quite closely and the Tory government has painted itself into the corner of the ring and is open to attack not only from the opponent in the ring with them but from the crowd outside baying for blood.  And let's not forget the new edition of the LibDems, equally eager to see that Tory blood being spilled and taken advantage of.  Lions and hyena's come to mind.

We are definitely in uncharted waters and almost anything in the political arena could happen.  What will that be, we may all wonder....

On a different note, what extraordinary, violent weather and natural phenomena the Central American belt seems to be being ravaged by.  If nothing else can be gleaned from this then the one lesson for Mr Trump is that he should not walk away from the Paris Climate Agreement.  Nobody can say the agreement is the bees-knees in sorting out global climate change because it isn't, but it is a stepping stone to further collaboration between nations and wider attempts at reducing the man-made contribution to the problem.  Even Mr Trump should not be as brazen to imagine that this does not concern the US.

I was, perhaps unreasonably, amused to read of the Russian helicopter incident during the current Zapada 2017 war games being held near to St Petersburg.  Very unfortunately, an attack helicopter fired a live missile at a clutch of vehicles on the ground believing them to be the designated target.  Oops !  Wrong target, that was actually a bunch of Belorussian observers seeing how the big boy Russians do it.  Equally fortunately, nobody seemed to get killed but a handful of observers were hospitalised.  Now here's the tickling bit - Russian media reveals that the video whizzing around the world was actually from 'another incident' some years ago and was nothing to do with Zapada 2017 which is being run extremely efficiently and according to plan !  Yeah !!!

Staying on military matters and back to Trumpland we are seeing the presidential rhetoric getting testy once again with new threats to wipe North Korea out and naming and shaming his top four worst enemies of mankind - obviously North Korea, Syria, Iran and Venezuela.  Needless to say, his aggressive comments have rocked the UN and spawned a wave of criticisms worldwide.   With guys like this around, why are we worried about Brexit ?



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