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We solemnly watch the TV and media news and see David Davis beaming back at us with his genial smile and telling us that 'real progress has been made' in the latest round of Brexit negotiations.  On whose planet does this chap live ?  Does he really believe that by telling us this errant clap-trap that anyone out in the real world actually believes in what he's blabbering on about ?  Maybe the passive do but those of us with a mind of our own are in no doubt that the progress achieved can be measured in millimetres rather than kilometres - and that leaves a hell of a long way yet to go.  Our approach to these negotiations is woeful, couched in Westminster language that is designed to be as ambiguous and unclear as possible.  When I hear government spokespersons use the phrases, 'let us be clear' or 'we have been clear all along' my toes curl with the frustration of listening to this balderdash.  The Conservative government have made it their mission to speak with ambiguity, absence of detail, repetitive platitudes like 'strong and stable' and a level of obfuscation which, frankly, leaves the electorate (of all persuasions) utterly embarrassed and bordering on ashamed to be the target of this meaningless political tripe.

I've long since held the view that our negotiating team are unfit for purpose.  Indeed, I'm increasingly of the view that our government is rapidly approaching that same status as it stumbles along the Brexit trail with no evident gusto or purpose.  One could very nearly declare that the Conservative government really has found itself in a peculiar position; on the one hand most of its cabinet and key members were Remainers at the Brexit referendum and have done little subsequently to acknowledge that the decision has been made and that Remainers should accept the choice and get behind the push to secure the best deal possible with the EU; on the other hand, most of its cabinet members, having been gagged by Mrs May during the 2017 election, are now blabbering complete party prepared nonsense (including all their ridiculous catch-phrases) in the hope that somebody might just believe them !

To make things even more unbearable I have no doubt that a Labour government would be doing any better - there's nobody there that I would allow to see my granny across the road, let alone negotiate (would they understand the meaning of that word, I wonder ?) a Brexit deal.

So what are we left with ?  We are faced with weak governance by a team that really does not want to follow the Brexit route.  To me that is now abundantly clear.  If obfuscation is part of their language then further obfuscation is being used as a strategy to make progress so deliberately slow that the process will linger on and on until everyone gets so fed up with the whole subject that, by default, we will remain within the EU.  If that is the case it is a shameful display by our government.  In fact, if that is the case it renders the government open to impeachment - something I don't think has happened since Oliver Cromwell hauled Charles I before parliament - and raises the prospect of a dissolution which would have serious constitutional ramifications to the manner in which our governance is conducted.  Drastic as that may sound, it may be the grisly solution to the problem for if we follow down this present road we will have - from one political wing or another - a continuance of Westminster style politics, of lies, half-truths and an attraction into politics of the sort of individual you wouldn't want your son or daughter to marry.

It's time for real change.  None of the established political parties offer anything but rhetoric without substance.  Now we need men and women of character, probity, faith in our country and purpose who have the strength of personality to fulfill the mission and bring the electorate alongside as partners in the governance of this nation.  I've said it before and will no doubt be shouted down for it but we need informed and skilful individuals like Farage to bring the change about.  That's not to say such characters would be right to continue the governance of the state beyond that change but they are the right sort of people to bring the change about in the first place. 

Have you had enough of listening to the implausible utterances of Westminster ?   


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