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It's more than a little saddening to see both the major political parties in Britain slowly but surely leaking their life blood away.  It's also desperately saddening to see, in graphic technicolor, how these entities have lied, cheated, misrepresented and behaved in ways that Joe Public would be  trounced for had he conducted himself in a similar manner.

We've let politics and politicians dominate us, tell us what to do, what to believe and hear what great fellows they all are for bestowing their largesse and infinite skill and wisdom upon the British people.  They are so devoted to doing the noble thing....are they not ?

Okay, all a bit queezy, but as we listen to the conference speeches in Manchester and the previous one in Brighton there is a sense of some great scam going on.  In the Labour camp we are being told of a social revolution, of state ownership, vast sums of public money being spent upon the NHS, education, infrastructure, etc, etc.  Wonderful stuff.  On the flip side, the Conservatives are telling us austerity must continue, public pay-caps must stay in place, Brexit - if it has to be pursued at all (groan, groan) - must be to the government's very fluid timetable and at the same time we are going to have that ubiquitous 'strong and stable' governance to lead us sheep into the promised land.  More wonderful stuff.  We can't go wrong, can we ?  If we choose the Tories we'll all suffer a bit of pain (yeah, we know who'll suffer the pain) but we'll all end up almost in Paradise (no linkage to Middle Eastern fanatics intended) whilst if we choose our socialist friends we'll all be able to go shopping for ever more and the ATM's will just spew out as much money as we need.  Great !

The big problem is - for them - that ever increasing numbers of us sheep don't believe a word of it.  That the political classes can't see that is part of the problem - disconnected, out of touch, naive and distinctly lacking in any real political skill.  That is their scam, but one we can fortunately see through.  It's time for change.  It's time for a new political breed, built upon integrity, faith and a genuine purpose to make this country as good as it can get.

There are some who can fit the bill but they are held back by the conventions of their parties or they are marginalised by an establishment fearful of change.  But it needs to come.  Let us hope that the real wise men of politics and governance will prevail.

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