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The papers this morning are full of questions about the future of the PM, the government as a whole and, perhaps, about our whole political outlook.  The fact that there is a growing body of dissatisfaction with our governance is not disputable and, of course, the more something is commented upon there becomes a tendency for it to be self-fulfilling.  To counter such feelings around the country a robust and confident government would be up there explaining its position and defending its corner.  Alas, not the Conservatives.  The continuation of their quiescence in this matter is astounding.  A few ministers give a sound-bite quotes to the media saying all is well and we have a job to do - but there is no passion in their remarks, no commitment, no understanding of quite what is at stake here.  Sarah Churchwell made a feisty response to a question in last nights Question Time: ‘....this is serious stuff we’re talking about, not playground tittle-tattle, and we need serious people sorting it out...’. She is right, of course, we do need serious people who are capable of handling crises of many types and our government is not presenting that credibility or capacity at all.  A defensive ring has popped up around Mrs May but she is the PM and cannot live behind a wall of sound-bite protectors.  If she is the right person for the job - which I do not believe to be the case - then she should be leading from the front - in the drivers seat to use her parlance.  But this is not happening and looks increasingly unlikely to happen, and whilst the government becomes more muddled our opponents, like the EU, will sit and observe the building uncertainty and smile to themselves.  This is the natural outcome of having a government put into a position that it instinctively opposes (Brexit) and being forced to carry out the legal mandate of the referendum result.  It is the wrong government with the wrong task and there is little point in ministers pumping out their sound-bites just for the sake of some poor showiness.  Acknowledge that you are ideologically and fundamentally at odds with your task and relinquish it to a government that can enthusiastically and professionally pick up the baton.  It’s quite simple really - put your country before yourselves.  Old fashioned, maybe, but very much relevant today as it has ever been.

That time for complete change should not be dismissed.  It will take courage and grit and only a few have it, but if this country means anything to our politicians then they should act before we are sold down the river like a sack of potatoes !


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