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Today, a collection of more abstract thoughts - ‘cos there’s no proper goings on out there just now !

Our politicians across the spectrum of beliefs seem to have all got stuck in controversy.  So much so that it comes over nowadays as an absolutely normal state.  We actually are not holding any high hopes or expectations out for what our politicians should do or plan for, how they should conduct themselves or how - somewhere out there - a real person with genuine values, beliefs and integrity might enter from stage left (or right) to put it all back together again.   Maybe as a viewing public we seek controversy almost as a national sport these days, taking gratuitous pleasure in the gaffs and poor judgements the establishment make and baying like wolves at their discomfort and attempts at recovery - appearing a little like the cackling crones who sat beneath the guillotine and knitting away whilst privileged heads rolled.   And, of course, the media often expand any comment or action way beyond what ranks as genuine news - speculation is now the new news - or is that fake news ?  I really don’t know.  The scope of interpretations is way beyond my simple mind.  

But whether our anointed politicians like it or not that is the world we are in and they should be conscious of the pitfalls.  But, dare I suggest they are still human or is that pushing our suspension of disbelief too far (?), they are as subject to making errors as anyone else.

Unfortunately for them, they have some big challenges to manage and these need to be managed well.  The perilous state of the Brexit negotiations, ill advised language from the chancellor, weak governance, cabinet divisions, timid responses to international threats and undertones of leadership plots everywhere all diminish the confidence we have in the government.  As far as the Opposition is concerned, despite the more buoyant tones, there are seemingly many skeletons trying to get out of the cupboard still.  All of them seem thoroughly incapable of getting themselves out of this thick soup and getting on with the job (funny, I’m sure I’ve heard that phrase somewhere before....can’t quite place it).

It’s now getting quite difficult to see where the Brexit talks are going to go.  Philip Hammond has declared he won’t release any funds to prepare for a no deal scenario, the talks themselves are just going nowhere, the EU appears set for a period of attrition, we are beset by hordes of investigations into paedophilia and abroad we have warmongers east and west and unrivalled civil commotion going on from Venezuela to Japan, not to mention the countless conflicts and terrorist scenario’s all around us.  And to cap it all, there is Harvey Weinstein and a bevy of ‘late-in-the-day’ victims in every newspaper and on every tv screen.  Crumbs !!!  With all this mayhem we should all be severely depressed, ready like lemmings to charge for the cliff-tops and end it all, but - having just read Michael Deacon’s tongue-in-cheek but uplifting review of how to think positively in the face of all this stuff - we should perhaps chill a little and let events unfold before us.  After all, what influence do we, the mere electorate, have over government decisions, what rights have we got in the courts, what choices do we really have about education, health and the way our society is being shaped ?  Squat- diddly (not absolutely sure of the spelling of that...) comes to mind as the appropriate answer to all these burdensome issues that are assailing us.  So, we may ask, ‘what comes next ?’

A cup of tea and a biscuit, I think.




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