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Yesterday I took a speculative leap by theorising over the true background to the extraordinary goings on in Westminster.  Today, I’m even more convinced that there is something ‘not right in the State of Denmark’.

With allegations of sexual impropriety abounding from every crevice in Westminster it becomes increasingly sickening to see how the behaviour of these ‘people in a bubble’ conduct themselves.  And I’m not just talking of the alleged perpetrators of impropriety - I’m also talking about those making the allegations.  Neither come out of this sad and sorry public washing display with any credit.   And here we go, again....this endless fascination with the so-called sexual excesses of the privileged.  But this blog is not going to dwell on the rights and wrongs of what is going on - there are other factors in play that are being overshadowed.  What we are letting become overlooked is the governance of our nation at a time when its participants should be entirely and diligently focussed on getting not just a Brexit deal that is proportionate but also ensuring that we have the ability, organisation and skill set to land running on 30th March, 2019.  If we believe that our governments should be made up of paragons of virtue but perhaps with little imagination, no verve and few brains then I would far prefer to see an intellectually capable and pragmatic government staffed by humans with all the human frailties that have carried us this far through our history.

I for one do not believe that ‘sterilising’ (perhaps a better word to use in this context might be neutering) the occupants of Westminster will fulfill any realistic purpose - it will merely drive those with the urge to behave with impropriety underground.  And with that dynamic we will probably drive most of the experience and skill of our so-called leaders underground as well.  Regulars to this post will know that I don’t actually think an awful lot about our political system or its inhabitants but I must grudgingly accept that there are a handful of individuals I would put money on to make a difference.  Not all of these are within the same party and not all are in our parliament.  But I would again put money on making the wild assumption that everyone of these individuals has a skeleton or two in the cupboard.  Who, with hand-on-heart, hasn’t.

Government needs to get a grip on what it is there for.  Governance.  It is not there to have its dirty linen paraded around the world and diminish whatever remaining respect it might be held in.  Equally, it is not there to spend its valuable time in debating the integrity or truthfulness of this endless - and somewhat suspicious - flow of allegations.  If Prince Hamlet knew there was something not right in his state of Denmark then our own politicians should wise up and start behaving like grown-ups in a grown-up world and simply eject any member with a proven instance of impropriety (emphasis on the concept of ‘proven’). Having done that, they should move on, quickly and efficiently.  

There are important tasks to accomplish and we will fail even more miserably if our negotiators sit across the table looking at the smirking faces of the EU, laughing at the absurdity of this particularly British outrage.


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