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Westminster has now almost completely abrogated its responsibility to govern.   As the sex impropriety scandal lunges into a completely new dimension and scope we see the emergence of other scandals which government has not even imagined or is manifestly failing to cope with.  And whilst all this mayhem is going on there is little in the way of co-ordinated governance taking place.

So, apart from salacious sex stories amongst MP's we now have a tax haven scandal and vast numbers of privileged documents leaked under the silly name of 'Paradise Papers', we have rogue ministers holding discussions with states that they shouldn't be talking to, we have a Brexit Economic Impact report being squabbled over even before it is published, we have the Met Police under scrutiny for maliciously (maybe ?) impugning Damian Green's activities, we have an unfortunate Foreign Secretary interfering ill advisedly in what amounts to a hostage crisis in Iran, and, to cap it all we have 'an expert' comparing the social activities of chimps to that of Westminster !  That last one I'm not entirely in disagreement with though.... 

There's little to be gained by joining in this tsunami of government disasters other than to say that their prime objective is to govern on behalf of this country, and not be easily diverted into matters that can be tackled through internal party and establishment procedures.   This is akin to a cyber attack on Britain's infrastructure, a deluge of either real or fabricated scandals (by whom we may speculate) that tie the process of government up in knots and create yet further divisions.  Certain foreign interests have that inclination and means to apply but so do our own elected officials when other news, aka Brexit, seems likely to draw even worse attention and damaging political score points. 

The natural conclusion to this string of events would under any other circumstances be the dissolution of parliament and a general election but I suspect this will not happen in the midst of the Brexit negotiation process.  Yet we have presented to the EU a very public display of our frailties and inability to control matters effectively which will surely weaken our hand at the negotiating table.  Perhaps this is what happens when you get a government of Remainers negotiating the Leave mandate - absolute and utter chaos.

On lighter matters I see that the actor Alec Baldwin, is earning renewed fame for his caricaturing of Donald Trump.  There's a political message subtly in there as well but purely as an act he achieves a pretty good effect.  Maybe we should encourage him to actually deputise for the real Trump in the same way that wifey Melania uses a look-alike to stand-in for herself when proximity to the real president just gets too much to bear.  Mr Baldwin couldn't do any worse in the White House, could he ?

Another of Trump's weird cabinet, Wilbur Ross, is in London talking to the CBI telling us that we should not let the EU dictate the Brexit terms if Britain wants a quick trade deal with the US.  Quite a good sentiment on the face of it but one senses undertones of threat hidden in the words.  I'm all for playing hardball with the EU but would I trust anyone from Donald Trump's cabinet ?   Er, no. 


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