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My desire to see a non-partisan, diverse and experienced team heading our Brussels negotiations has not materialised as yet and there is no sign of it doing so.  I can’t say I’m surprised - Party politics is a deeply entrenched concept in Westminster and the natives in that region are loathe to do anything that might harm their own self interest.  Notwithstanding that, David Davis has made his announcement over the intent to enshrine the Repeal Bill that stems from Brexit into law through normal parliamentary scrutiny.  That’s supposed to be a sop to the Remainers who still haven’t grappled with the notion of a departure from the EU and are still resisting in as many devious ways as they can contrive.  Isn’t our parliamentary democracy a wonderful thing to behold, eh ?

Having read a few of the comments about el Trumpo’s Asian tour (with Russia thrown in for good measure) there seems to be a widespread agreement amongst the pundits that nobody actually knows what the trip was for or what may have resulted from it.  So contradictory in his statements, el Trumpo has successfully bemused almost half the world on this little expedition and left everyone scratching their heads.  Some, it seems, have very generously lauded the presidents visits and made every effort to be nice to him - and that, I am sure, can be quite a task when you’re grinding your teeth and spitting bricks - and that has made el Trumpo a very satisfied man.  Plaudits = points in el Trumpo’s world.  As to what he thinks he’s achieved as compared with what he has achieved is almost an irrelevance as he reaffirms his own personal greatness and all his new friends.  It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that both Xi and Putin had stand-by assassins ready to knock him off if he ventured to say something about America being Great !

We laugh and joke about el Trumpo but the reality is that he’s in charge of one of the worlds largest economies and a military with an undeniable firepower that is bigger than anyone else’s by a long shot.  That should frighten us a little (though we’re beginning to get used to crazy politicians these days).  But what making America Great Again really means is increasing isolationism and tariff protectionism which has some short-term attraction for the Yanks but longer term will be a real turn-off of their trading flexibility and an outside world that doesn’t care what America thinks or not.  Appealing as that notion might be, it really is no good for the rest of us either.  When the worlds largest economy (?) crawls into its shell that can only spell bad news for the rest of the commercial world.  If that means we all have to massage el Trumpo’s ego that will be a heavy price to pay but for the time being it might be wise for us all to reflect not about Trump but about the importance of the dollar in our world - East and West.

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