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Sunday is often a ‘lean’ day for interesting news, but on this occasion we have a few political personality moments to entertain us.

I’ll start with Philip Hammond who made the indiscreet remark along the lines of ‘we don’t have any people unemployed’.  Now many pundits have taken him to task and he has offered explanations (can a Tory actually give an explanation ?  Debate amongst yourselves on that one) but it is intriguing in this age of analysis about every syllable uttered by politicians that he can make such a crass statement in public.  I’d like to think our senior politicians have some measure of awareness about remarks they may make.  That apart, there’s also quite a bit of so called ‘leakage’ about what Mr Hammonds next weeks budget will hit on - which makes me wonder exactly what a ‘leak’ is defined as being these days.  Is it perhaps the source of official government policy, I wonder ?

Next in the spotlight is Anna Soubry - my favourite Remainer and the role model for sour facial expressions.  She could teach moody teenagers a thing or two about how to look mean.  She has alerted the press - and the police - about multiple death threats following the Daily Telegraph’s revelation that she was one of the Tory rebels opposed to enshrining the Brexit departure date in UK law.  What on earth did she expect - anonymity !  This is trench warfare, Anna - stick your head above the parapet and, hey presto, someone will take a pot-shot at it.  

Up quite high in the rankings is Labour MP, Paul Farrelly, blighted forever more as the MP who caused a ‘fracas’ in the House of Commons - with members of his own Party, no less.  This is much ado about nothing really but it was reported by the Daily Mail - so that guarantees its probity, doesn’t it ?  Yawn, yawn, let’s move on....

Following up this last jaw dropping tid-bit we have Ruth Davidson, the Tory leader in the far north (that’s way beyond Watford which is Theresa May’s idea of the north) going bonkers at a Theresa May tweet which implied Scotland was already independent !  Shock horror - what else could Mrs May do to convince us all that she is unfit to lead the country ?  But really - in this age of twitter messages that don’t or can’t use clear language then should we not expect confusion ?  Look at el Trumpo in the US - he tweets endlessly saying the most absurd things which he denies as fake news afterwards.  I think we should give Mrs May some room here, after all, she is only the political leader of the country at its most testing time since 1940 and on odd tweet here and there will surely go, no.

And now, my contra-favourite politician to dear Anna above - we have Nigel Farage being implicated in....dare I say this ?...a mistress episode !  Heavens !  What is the world coming to ?  As far as I’m aware, Nigel is divorced and therefore technically single.  So how does a single man have a mistress, I wonder.  It’s no secret that I think Mr Farage should be much nearer the coal face in our Brexit negotiations - whilst he has reportedly many less worthy qualities, to counter this he has plenty of others which make him admirably appropriate to head up our battle with the EU, so reportage wittering on about mistresses is irrelevant and absurd.

Let’s head back way north of Watford to Kezia Dugdales enrolment in the ‘I’m a Celebrity...’ something or other tv series.  Gosh, this is hot stuff, no doubt - she must surely be on a winning streak over her competitors in being weaned upon haggis, more than sufficient to steel her stomach over some slimy Australian bug offered up to chomp on.  But her ex political friends have all seemingly taken exception to this trivialisation of her former career as Labour leader in Scotland.  Is she not an independent woman, free to make her own choices ?  Perhaps that doesn’t happen in Scotland.

And lastly, for today, we have Gerry Adams and Michelle O’Neill, our dear friend in the IR....ooops, sorry, Sinn Fein.  He wants to retire, she says she doesn’t want his job.  We’ve heard remarks along these lines before, I fancy and then, as if by magic, the opposite happens.   Well, with Brexit highlighting the Irish North-South issues and the consequent ‘threats’ to the Good Friday Agreement it’s no wonder that the usually vocal Ms O’Neill feels she has enough on her plate in Stormont.  I nevertheless somehow think this isn’t the end of the story for when Mr Adams retires into peace and philosophical thought next year

Hopefully tomorrow will bring some real news to get Bristling Brock steamed up....

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