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Our government seem to work tirelessly to attract the worst of all possible condemnations - that of a loss of public confidence.  That is backed up by an increasing number of Eurosceptic MP’s expanding their usually moderate criticism of the Brexit negotiation farce with an equal show of confidence loss in both the PM and the government in general.

We now are at a governmental point where yet another leadership challenge looks likely to Mrs May’s premiership.  We have a Chancellor sniping at the new Minister of Defence, we have that same Minister declaring war on any returning jihadi’s (I can live with that one), we have the Brexit minister declaring last week that 58 impact assessments were well under way and yesterday calmly announcing that this was not the case and no impact assessments had even been considered, we have a parliamentary coalition style government that neither side believes in and an abundance of conflicting statements over the progress of the negotiations and - looking at this topic in the round - a government that is utterly clueless about what to do next without inciting yet further wrath from public and parliament alike.

I originally had high hopes for Mrs May, a fresh face, a credible message and a declared determination to do the right thing for Britain.  Regrettably she has not risen to the challenge and it is clear that she puts political survival before any national advantage.  How genuinely disappointed I have become.  Another leadership challenge, possibly another election will equally damn the satisfactory prosecution of the Brexit mandate, a failure of commitment, faith and understanding that will cripple the Tories for a long time to come.  But my disappointment is as much to do with the Tory arrogance at believing it can get away with such inept and contradictory behaviour and in placing the country in the real danger not just of a Brexit disaster but of a possible Labour victory in the event of an election.  All in all we have been failed by our so called leaders who have shown themselves to be far from fit for the tasks they invited upon themselves.  How different it could have been had they listened to the voices of reason long ago - but, of course, there is no political advantage in listening to reason and wise counsel, is there ?  But I suspect that may be proven very wrong in the near future.

Trump is either a real whizz or a complete fool.  I err toward the latter but just have a sneaking doubt that he may be some kind of mad genius with an agenda that plays games that always favour his underlying, personal agenda.  He courts controversy, he invites lashbacks and he makes statements that are intended to shock and provoke gritty reactions.  But what is he really succeeding at ?  He is being very adept at diverting attention away from issues he doesn’t want in the public domain - not least his dubious connections to Russia during his election campaign - and to achieve such goals he’s quite prepared to carpet bomb the world with utter crassness and to fill the media with stories of total irrelevance.  In doing so his vulnerable issues are skimmed over.  Now is that clever or is that just foolish ?  I really haven’t quite made up my mind yet.

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