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Reading or hearing the multiplicity of news stories abounding, it would be easy to come to believe that Britain as a homogeneous and cohesive society, one with a proud history despite its shortcomings under current scrutiny, a nation built upon time forged principles and balance, a nation of honour and some character was a description that could no longer be reasonably applied.

The Britain we see portrayed by our avaricious and sensationalist media is one of division, suspicion, envy, short-sightedness, expediency, blame and retribution and one which has little sense of direction, purpose and role.  It may well be true that the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously rocked the UK plc boat - but one sees that as a common denominator amongst most liberal, Western minded countries - but there rises above this a neo-left thrust to denigrate, undermine and challenge the very institutions we need to get our national affairs back on some semblance of a course toward a social and economic recovery.  It would be fair to state that many of these institutions need something of a shake-up themselves, but if the media, supported enthusiastically by the neo-left, destroy the very building blocks of recovery then we will destroy with that the means to re-build in a way that embraces some of the changes stimulated by the intrusion of corona virus and which could form the foundations of a more pragmatic, prepared and resilient nation state.  Beyond that, yes, look at some of these institutions critically and devise either new ones or re-shaped structural organisations, but do not throw the baby out with the bathwater when you're already up to your neck in a flood tide.

We have bowed to minority demands, we have seen our traditions and history trashed and cast aside as no longer relevant, we witness a feverish glee in the media to sensationalise, trivialise and jab pointy fingers of blame at anyone but themselves - and by proxy, all of us.   It's always somebody else's fault, it's always somebody else's responsibility, it's always somebody else's tab to pick up.   We have, by default, become a passive nation, rolling with the punches, uttering an odd grumble here and there but generally letting the creed of chaos, misinformation, narrow-mindedness and the highly vocal voices of the minority rule the day.  What happened to our national pride, our belief in Britain as the best place on earth to be born, what happened to our sense of right and wrong, of the direction of our moral compass, what happened to our belief in the common good, of the rule of law and the tolerances we had of all other beliefs and creeds ?   What happened was greed.   By allowing the insatiable appetite for instancy, for online news of everything from the latest political utterances to the meaningless and purile chit-chat of so called celebrities we have lapped it all up like cats faced with the cream.  We have societally rejected the norms of good and reasonable social behaviour and economic prudence, we have marginalised the very concepts of law and order and we have made governance more of a trashy soap opera than something to uphold and respect.   We did, after all, vote democratically to create our governance !   And this has been delivered to us, manipulated by, re-hashed and coloured by media platforms intent on exploiting that greed, intolerance, the I'm all right, Jack' mentality, pushing agenda's created by - in many cases - neo-left producers intent on getting 'their angle' across'.  And we, the passive majority, have let it happen.

All this is a failure of the reasonable and tolerant masses of what seems to be now called 'Middle England', or we should say, 'Middle Britain'.   The majority need to speak up, reject the absurd and wildly contrived debate of the neo-left and counter it with properly constructed and informed dialogues at every level.  We are not perfect as a nation and never have been, but the nation is what it is at any point in time.  History and circumstance cannot be erased despite the best efforts of the mindless left.  When it reaches this crass, revolutionary and over-agitated state that we are seeing, it is time for good men to stand and be seen, to counsel good advice and opinion and to lead.   The government should take heed.  Leave it much longer and the decisions of government will mean little more than the latest salacious gossip throughout the chattering classes.  And we currently have far more of those than we need. 

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Britain seems to be teetering on the edge of some novel twist of economic-political-social forces over which the government clearly has no handle upon.  Having weathered the bulk of the corona saga without too much of a political price to pay they have now embarked upon what looks like some perverse suicide mission to destroy themselves.

Every utterance by a government minister seems to be so bland and full of obfuscation that increasingly large swathes of the population are now virtually ignoring them completely.  Add to this the crass and virtue signalling antics of other social influencers like the Archbishop of Canterbury and even F1 drivers and you get a scope of messaging hitting the headlines which do nothing more than irritate and annoy the majority of thinking people in Britain.  Therein lies the issue.  Nobody is speaking plainly, succinctly and with any measure of clarity.  Nobody in a position of authority and leadership has managed to grasp the very evident elephant in the room  - that of telling the population the exact way it is.   Listening to Matt Hancock, Gavin Williamson and Alok Sharma - who are only the tip of the iceberg - there is not a word spoken that says anything like: ‘Look folks, we’ve made a lot of mistakes with this pandemic, but we’ve truly been learning as we go along, so stand with us whilst we put our new experience to work in getting things back to’ll be tough for a while and we have a lot of gaps to fill, but it’ll take time to achieve it all...there’ll be some who gain and some who won’t, I can’t guarantee we can save everyone in this endeavour, but we’ll try our darned best !....’  Clear, plain speak, honest speak, speak from the soul is what the country craves.  It doesn’t want to hear the repeated platitudes spilled out from bland ministers every single day which serve only to alienate rather than encourage support.  Read the mood, Prime Minister - you’re bold enough to react in a positive way if you just ignore your guru’s for a while and follow your instincts.   And if Mr Cummings is the strategist behind this endless spouting of nothing, You, Mr PM should recognise that he’s long past his sell by date.  Time to change the record.

The shift by China we are currently witnessing from being a large but colourless political entity to  an outspoken, provocative and threatening one is possibly the facade slipping from the real face of that vast and almost amoebic like country that uses money and technology to spread its influence across the globe.  That influence is now very significant in world affairs, and even at the very fringes of its scope we see the pervasive grasp of the Chinese - Bristling Brock’s local golf club is now owned by the Chinese (though BB hastens to add that hitting a small white ball with a long stick seems a pointless enterprise in his view).  What this characterises, however, is an economic subversion of foreign institutions and by association it is a subversion of culture, socio-economic habits and preferences and ultimately of national governance.  It is an effective but highly dangerous scatter-gun of pellets assailing the West.  Robust responses need to be made, whether the Chinese threaten reprisals or consequences or not.  This is not a time to prevaricate and act in a mealy mouthed political way.  Aggressive actions by a predator need to be identified and dealt with without fear.  If history has taught us anything, it should be that at the very least.

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We might as well assume the corona pandemic is over - or not ?  There are swathes of the population who seem to think it has passed and there are likely other swathes that still take its presence seriously.  All down to mixed and ambiguous messaging ?   The government certainly haven’t excelled at concise communications of late and, inevitably, the interpretation of that most ambiguous phrase, ‘common sense’ has led to a wild and varied interpretation by blocs of the population to suit individual points of view.  The equally inevitable result is chaos.   In some cases it could be argued that the freedom to express common sense has led to a mob response with total disregard for community, welfare and security.   Is that the natural result of three months of lockdown or is it a pre-existing and inherent characteristic of our society and new culture ?  Bristling Brock is more than a little hesitant about the use of the word ‘culture’ in this context for there seems to be little evidence of respect, dignity or appreciation of value in the way this new culture appears to be unfolding.  ‘Mob’ (in its widest of usages) seems to sum up so many aspects of life we are currently witnessing with individuals re-adopting that persona to justify the ruination of everything that has gone before in the hope that their new Utopia will suddenly leap into its place.  How absolutely absurd such a view would be, eh ?  Yet we are seeing it around us, day by day.  Not just in the mainstream media but in microcosms of stupidity, everywhere at national and local levels.  The one that caught BB’s eye this morning was the apparent agreement by some local authority in Cambridgeshire to approve the building of a Huawei research facility within Britain’s premier technological campus - at a time when Huawei is about to be rightly ejected from the 5G development in this country.  What madness.  What inward, selfish thought processes at work that imagined this was a good idea.

Things aren’t that much better in Trumpland.  Extremes of every hue seem to be on display there for the world to gape and wonder about.  If nothing else, the Corona pandemic has unleashed a pent up horde of dissatisfaction over national and local governance which is uncertain for the moment to be seen as just a passing phase.  If more permanent we may soon be witness to some pretty radical swings in social behaviour.  The corollary to this bizarre display of human emotions in the wider West (or should that read ‘wild West’ ?) is what the enigmatic Chinese and Russians are thinking about what is going on.  Whilst they undoubtedly have a a few issues of their own, their international strategy is to destabilise the West by social and economic subversion - and whether they are involved in the incidence of mob activities around Western states or not, they are reaping benefit from the upsurge of anti-government sentiment and the stamping down on the notion of plurality of opinion and the freedom to express that opinion.  The West needs to take note - reform, yes, destroy and forget, no, for there are those who will quite willingly bring down the central tenets of democracy unless we impose clear, fair and firm governance.